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What's The Story - Design Glory.

Sometimes a change in design, can change everything.


Open The Window To Success

Here’s an interesting story. It may not seem directly related to the life at Little Design Box, but stick with us.

Where we live, the shops and eateries have remained largely the same. However, there is one cafe at the corner of the parade that has caught our eye recently. It has been there for years and it’s your standard cooked breakfast and large cups of coffee place, known commonly in the UK as a ‘greasy spoon’. From what we could see it had a small regular customer base and had been ticking over quite nicely for years.

A couple of months ago we noticed it was under new management. Within a week there was a queue of eager looking customers outside the shop waiting to be served. So, what did the new management do to create such a dramatic turn in fortunes? Well they opened a window. That was it. They recognised that they were in a prime position with people passing on their way to work. So they removed the barrier to the outside world and people bought sandwiches, pastries and coffee through the window without entering the premises.

Picture By Michal Parzuchowski On Unsplash

Design Genius...Or Not?

We’re not saying that they are strategic geniuses, but what is impressive is the clarity of thought to spot an opportunity and act upon it. This is something that us designers need to have in our toolkit. Of course, we need to have the creative skills to produce really professional designs for clients, but we do believe that the great designers are not only separated from the ordinary by the magic of their work but by their ability to understand what turns potential buyers into customers.

The ability to get a web surfer to stop and explore a website or to look at a flyer rather than discard it is something that should not be underestimated. It might be the subtle focus on a call to action or the use of the right image in the right place. Either way, us designers need to bring more than a pen and a digital pallet to the party to make a real difference for our clients.

Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
― Paul Rand

Hit The Audience Target

It goes without saying that when we discuss any new designs with clients, one of the most important questions that we will ask is ‘tell me about your target audience’. Without that information, any design will lack real focus.

Want to talk about finding your perfect target audience? Send us an email using the ‘Contact Us’ button. Alternatively, if you have a question about the blog or what we’ve discussed then feel free to leave us a comment below!