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Position And Composition.

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Is Graphic Design Art?

Is great graphic design art? Well yes in our view, but we’re graphic designers so we would say that. The reason we say that is that we look at both design and art with the same roving eye, in particular we are studying the composition of a piece. How the artist has composed the painting or design so that your eye is drawn to a particular area and how competing elements within the work are balanced. We find it quite fascinating.

Photo By Kelly Sikkema On Unsplash

Design Gridlock

All of us designers know that the mechanics behind a well structured balanced graphic design starts off with a grid. It’s a simple way to position key elements around so that the composition is uncomplicated and has a sense of balance and space. It’s a darn sight easier to do this with a grid as a guide. Having said that, there is a risk that the design becomes flat if you overplay the symmetry, so we tend to work with a grid as a general guide but we are by no means a slave to it.

“A composition is an arrangement, built out of parts, that aims at seamlessness.”
― Eric Maisel

Little Design Box Says...

  • Composition is the master behind great graphic design
  • A design grid ensures that designs have balance and are not mistakenly cluttered
  • Using a design grid three columns wide and two rows deep is a standard format for effectively framing designs
  • Breaking the rules in some circumstances and placing an image so that it does not play against the grid format of the rest of the design can produce some interesting results
  • Composition is not just about placing elements of the design it also covers the best use of space within the design
  • Placing the key focal point of the design off centre can bring a design to life, adding greater interest

Rules To Be Broken

Design composition very much ensures that your ideas blend to produce one overall image. As designers it is important to keep in mind the focal point of the work, that sometimes means swimming against the tide and placing an image so that it jars against the overall look of the design. It has the effect of standing out for those who are viewing it. This is where things get interesting for us as we very much enjoy pushing boundaries where a client has given us license to do so.

Let's Compose

Are you gridlocked? Not quite sure how to incorporate what we’ve talked about into your design process? Then get in contact with us via the button below. Alternatively, if you have any advice or any information to share drop us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!