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Expert use of shapes are the key to any great design.


Fundamental Shaping

All graphic designers know that the use of shapes is a key element to their work, as great structure sets the focus and tone of any successful design. At it’s most basic level, angled shapes serve to project a message in a much more robust way than curved and rounded shapes that are softer on the eye.

Photo By Xiang Hu On Unsplash

Shaping Your Brief

The shaping used in any design broadly fits into at least one of three categories. Geometric shapes (squares, rectangles etc), natural shapes (easily described as those associated with nature) and abstract shapes (being shapes in the abstract).

The use of shapes in Little Design Box designs are primarily dictated from the clients brief. For instance if the brief is looking for something with impact it lends itself to clean firm geometric shaping. A softer message could pull on some natural shaping while a contemporary brief might want to make an understated impact through the use of abstract shapes.

“The object of art is to give life a shape.”
― William Shakespeare

Little Design Box Says...

  • Keep things simple to avoid a design that is cluttered and lacks impact
  • Shaping should dictate your design from concept through to completion
  • Add texture to shapes in a simple design, particularly in the background it can have real impact
  • The shapes used should play into the clients brief and the message to be projected marry up shapes with the clients branding design to maintain a flow in all branding
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment to push the boundaries of what designs are perceived to work

Experiment With Restraint

We like to experiment with mixing up the shaping in a design, but this needs careful handling to avoid an end product that has little or no balance. However, some great results can be achieved by adding texture to the shapes in a design. Having one picture filling the design, but building in opaque shapes within the design for interest. Of course, building shapes into promotional material that are consistent with the clients branding is a clever subtle way to maintain brand ownership.

Great use of shapes is key at Little Design Box designs from concept to completion.

Time To Shape Up

As always, we will be really interested to hear you views and showcase any great examples of shapes that you may have. Feel free to get in touch in the usual way below.