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Brief Encounters.

A great design brief will lead to a fantastic design. 


A Brief With Teeth

So what makes a good design brief? From a designers wide angle, we would be looking to understand the target market, the background to the development of the product, company, campaign (or whatever the subject matter may be) and any associated products and their design. This is so that we can understand any existing design models and parameters that we need to work to and how the competition are positioning themselves.

Like any designer we love to be given artistic licence to be creative, but a loose brief presents a real risk that the final work will not have the impact that either client or designer would wish for. Also we like to understand the client’s design model and the designs used by the client’s competition as this allows us to be extra focused in our approach.

Photo By Štefan Štefančík On Unsplash

What's Not To Like?

Strangely enough it is good to be negative. It helps us to know what you don’t like, the styles that do not appeal to you, colour schemes to avoid, backgrounds that don’t hit the mark. This gives us the right steer to move forward and produce something that you are not going to be disappointed with.

“When you are inspired in your work, everything seems to fall into place.”
― Wayne Dyer

Lets Be Practical

On a more practical level there are a few things that we like to tick off on our side. The budget is fairly obvious as this needs to marry with what you want to achieve. We also need to be clear and agree on timing, ensuring that you have a clear commitment from us that your expectations can be met.

A Fruitful Relationship

It is crucial to the success of any design that the best possible working relationship is fostered with our clients. In this regard, we prefer to have one main contact in the company (if we are not dealing with a single client) that we can approach to discuss ideas and report on progress.

It may be that you also want to employ a photographer to work on the design, which will require extra work to ensure that all parties involved are agreed on the brief that they are working to.

Get In Contract

At Little Design Box we love to engage with our clients and fellow designers. Get in touch if you have any thoughts on the best briefs for a design. We would love to hear from you.