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Posters That Pop.

Being bold and eye catching is the way forward.


Attention Grabber

Great poster design is all about grabbing the attention of the public straight away and then getting your message across in a quick, clear and uncomplicated way. That’s it, those are the guiding principles that we work to.

Photo By Mario Calvo On Unsplash

Prominent Text

I am sitting on a train whilst writing this blog and there are two posters a few seats away. Both follow the standard format of having a big message, five words long in each instance, in the centre of the design. It’s a pretty obvious tried and tested technique, although the message is always crucial as that is the vehicle used to drag you in to read more.

Once you are there, the fine print should flow from the headline text giving you more information which in turn directs you to a ‘call to action’ or a signpost, usually a website, to engage fully.

“Creativity takes courage.”
― Henri Matisse

Breaking The Design Rules

There are innovative alternatives to the process in the previous paragraph, which is great otherwise things could be a bit boring. The most common is to have a striking image that draws the attention, something that appeals to our emotions. It could make us smile, feel shocked or questions what we think is the norm.

It’s a great way to give identity to the design, but of course, close working is needed with the client to ensure that they are happy taking ownership of any subliminal message within the image.

Focus On Options

The key building block of any graphic design applies to posters. Meaning that appropriate attention needs to be paid to composition, colour and the use of space so that the image has impact. Using a background grid very much helps here.

When designing the poster there will be different approaches applied to reflect the size of the final banner. Even if we are working on a full scale banner design we like to have in mind the option to use the design for small desktop posters or something to be sent out to supplement emails.

Little Design Box Says...

  • Grabbing attention is the key focus for poster design
  • Make the headline text prominent, but it doesn’t have to be central
  • A poster should have a natural flow taking the readers eye on a journey from the initial impact to the ‘call to action’

Have We Grabbed Your Attention?

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