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Eighteen Letter And One Of The Greatest Designs.

Simplicity can capture the essence of a message.


How To Hit The Design Mark

At Little Design Box we recognise that the impact of a design is key. If it resonates with the reader and they can draw associations with what it means then the designer and client can feel justifiably pleased with themselves.

Genius Design

Over recent years a piece of a design has appeared that has hit the mark across the whole country. The majority of the UK population recognise it and have a real affection for it. The design is question being the ‘Keep Calm and Carry Onposter.

It is truly amazing. Just eighteen letters and a small crown, but yet it taps straight into the British ‘stiff upper lip’ stoic nature. As such, there is a real sense of belonging with the poster. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that it was designed in 1939 to boost moral ahead of impending air attacks.

Sixty Years Before First Mover Advantage

The real twist is that the poster was hardly ever used and only came to light at the start of this century. There are lots of other posters from that time, each with its own important message, but it is this one that is truly evocative and engaging.

As is standard with these things, once the design caught on, the market was awash with mugs, t-shirts and things of the like. Promotional material started going down a similar theme, keep calm and drink coffee, keep calm and shop at…etc.

A Meaningful Story

The key point here is that a design is not just a graphic or messaging some words, it is the story that they tell and what it means to the audience that will determine success.

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