Colour Fonts – The ‘Must Have’ Design For 2018

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Colour Fonts - The 'Must Have' Design For 2018

A hot trend that we predict will be everywhere in 2018.


Why The Excitement About A Font?

This is a really exciting development in the graphic design world. Through recently released software it is now possible to introduce an array of graphic images into font files, expanding the horizons of a graphic designer beyond a limited focus on the shape of a character.

Coloured fonts are pretty ‘out there’. They are, by nature, brash and fun and they certainly work in the right circumstances. This does fly in the face of the minimalist design trend over recent years and might not sit well with some purists. However, at Little Design Box within that this is a cool, exciting addition to our design toolkit and we absolutely intend to embrace it.

And The Colour Font Downside Is…

As with any new product there are teething issues and the biggest that we see at the moment is that the technology is so new there is going to be a lapse before some programmes and devices catch up with it. But we expect these issues to be ironed out over the coming months.

Font Fad Or Font Revolution?

So are we talking about a revolution or a fad here? Well this is new technology that is here and we believe that there will be standout designs that will be beacons of light for others to follow. It would be great if we could develop one of those colour designs for you. Why don’t you contact us for a ‘no commitment’ chat?