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Cinemagraphs - Going Big In 2018

Are cinemagraphs heralding a new dawn in design?


Cinemagraphs have come to prominence on social media and websites over recent years, blending image and video to create a subtle, infinite design that moves to catch the eye and generate real interest.

Cinemagraphs Moving In 2018

The mood music is that cinemagraphics are going to be pinging up everywhere in 2018, although it has to be said that they have been around since 2011. The difference now is the ongoing development of software and the increase in file capacity that are best able to accommodate them. The introduction of new outlets, particularly through social media, are also now able to show them the best effect.

Cinemagraph By Kitchen Ghosts (

What Makes A Great Cinemagraph?

All of the big brands are using cinemagraphs and are allocating sizeable parts of their marketing budgets to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. So what makes a great cinemagraph? At Little Design Box we are all about impact. That doesn’t mean a design needs to have the effect of hitting you in the face with a wet fish, less is very much more here.

Cinemagraph By Cinemagraphs (

A good cinemagraph should make you stop and pull you into the image. A common trick is to have a still image and then introduce movement through a breeze, or using liquid moving in a glass or as a river in a landscape. These are cool, but the creative options are endless here, which is something that is really exciting for us designers.

Are Cinemagraphs A ‘Must Have’?

Companies are now embedding cinemagraphs across their whole online marketing campaign, through blogs, emails, social media and the like. Our view at Little Design Box is that this can work extremely well, but it should only be used if it enhances and doesn’t distract from a static image. We are looking at developments here with interest.

What is your view on cinemagraphs? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!

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