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Designs From The Dark Side.

Far from being dull, used correctly, there are some amazing effects that be had.


A Light In The Dark

Dark designs are striking pieces of work that are primarily using black or deep colours to make a strong statement. In some respects it is minimalism from a dark palette.

As always the end game is about making an impact and the use of two elements from a monochrome palette certainly pulls in the viewer. Of course, the trick is to maintain interest once you have engaged someone with the design and this puts real weight on the designer to introduce form, texture and patterns that add value and does not play against the dark and atmospheric concept.

Working For Depth

Dark designs are not for everyone, the trick to making them work is effective layering that gives a flat piece of work depth. The use of complementary colours is also critical. On one hand you want make sure any messaging is clearly seen, but introducing bright text or images can ruin the intended mood of the work. A good designer should have a natural feel for how to achieve the right balance.

“I strive for two things in design: Simplicity and Clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”
― Lindon Leader

Lightening The Mood

Strong designs can also be achieved through the use of moody tones. At it’s most basic level, it is pretty much stating the obvious. Moody tones are about crafting designs around colours that are not bright. But far from being dull the result of using a ‘moody’ palette is to create a design that is mysterious and has a feel for deep quality. Misty lakes at dawn or dusk is an immediate example that spring time is here. Great effects can be applied to graphics and shapes that offer a unique and interesting perspective.

Dark Or Light?

At Little Design Box we love to explore the boundaries of what can work for our clients and dark designs are a great option to add to the mix. Let us know your thoughts or contact us if you would like us to develop your dark design.

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