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February Frozen In Design.

There are new designs to be crafted as plans are finalised for the year ahead.


Tired And In Need Of A Refresh

A trip to the local mall this time of year is pretty depressing. Shops are looking to move on their winter lines to fully make room for spring newcomers which have yet to surface.  Everything is looking a bit tired and is in need of a refresh which must be demotivating for staff.  One of the reasons that we love the design business is that we are part of something new for our clients.  A fresh bit of branding or logo is more than a design, it galvanises people behind a new purpose and that can be pretty exciting even in February.

“You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness.”
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

February Opportunities

It could be said that apart from short term designs around Valentines Day there is not much to grasp on for February mass market appeal. Listen, there are always positives to be had even if you are reading this blog with a woolly hat and scarf adorning your upper features.  It stands to reason that if people are spending more time at home there are opportunities to grab. Casual trade, which could turn into long term relationships, online.  So February is absolutely the time to refresh your website and introduce some cool designs to grab attention and provide a new sign post to trade with the rest of the world.

Hello Spring!

February is also a great time to look down the calendar road where the green shoots of Spring make a welcome appearance.  Spring by its very nature is a great time to refresh and think about new beginings and at Little Design Box we are bristling with ideas to bring new ideas and promotions to life through design.

Hopefully like us you are shaking off those winter blues and are embracing February, even if it is a dull chilly old beast. 

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