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Grabbing Attention Through Custom Illustrations

Creating something that is totally personal for our clients is what we do best.


So, What Are Custom Illustrations?

All designs are unique but often they are made up of standard stock images that you can see elsewhere.  Custom illustrations are created by the designer from scratch that are ‘one of a kind’ pieces for the client.  They can take many forms but often have a cartoon like feel.

If you look on the ‘Team’ page of our website you will see illustrations of the two of us here at Little Design Box created by our own designer Hayley.  The purpose behind this is twofold.  Firstly we want to showcase a design method and our talent for executing it, but secondly we wanted to offer something diffent from the usual roll call of pictures of members of the team.  Hopefully this sets us apart and adds interest.

Setting You Apart From The Rest

The beauty of custom illustrations is they look great on social media.  If you look at potential contacts on say, LinkedIn, you will be scrolling down a sea of faces that, with all due rexpect, do nothing to sell the owner.  But if you have a custom illustration instead of a photo you are going to stand out and anything that positively sets you apart from the rest must be a good thing.

Custom illustrations also look fantastic on flyers and presentations.  If done well you are almost certainly going to lift the engagement of any piece.  When all said and done we do have an in built filter when choosing to engage with this stuff, so triggerring interest through something that hasn’t been seen before really is worthwhile.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.”
― George Bernard Shaw

What Can Go Wrong?

So is there a downside to all of this?  Well from a designers perspective it’s hard to think of one as custom illustrations allow us to flex our creative mussels.  As far as the client is concerned more time will need to be given to the creation of the design which will inevitably impact on costs.

Saying More About Your Business

At Little Design Box we think that custom illustrations are great. Not only because they break the predictable cycle of design trends and look really cool, but they reflect well on the client as well.  If a customer is looking at a website or a presentation and can see that extra effort has been made to make an impression then, in our eyes, it speaks volumes for the rest of the business.

We would love to lift your marketing material, social media and website with a custom illustration.  Do get in touch with us to discuss what we can achieve together.

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